Monday, April 06, 2009

Jouranl 44: Classroom Shenanigans

So in mod 4, I learned quite a bit about myself, making a website and how percentage heights are worse than I ever could have realized...ugh

About myself:

  • I can write a 5 page, single spaced paper in approx 6 hours

  • I can fill a giant div with multiple pictures of M&M's

  • I enjoy web design

  • I can learn a new application (Lightbox) in 20 minutes

  • I am acutally better with CSS than I ever thought possible

  • The Spartans are in the national championship tonite!!!!!!!!!

About making a website:

  • Percentage height is probably the most annoying thing ever

  • Testing for different computers and browsers and screen sizes feels endless and is tedious

  • Lightbox is awesome

  • CSS makes it a bitch pain in the ass butt to make columns line up side by side on a site

  • A horizontal nav bar is created with a list that is displayed in-line

About percentage heights:

  • So you know that feeling when you're having a dream and you're being chased by a monster but all you can do is sit there and suck your thumb?

  • nuff said

1 comment:

RJD said...

The M&Ms were certainly a high point.

I also agree about your CSS observations. Ugh. When it works, it is glorious. But yes, it fights, kicks, and screams all the way through.