Monday, April 13, 2009

Journal 53-5: Readings Wrap Up

So over the weekend, I had another meeting with PC...and now the site is going to look 20,000 times different...the only thing we really kept was the basic layout (minus the independent scrolling...that was just dumb on my part) and that was because I really didn't feel like changing the CSS which I have slaved over for the past month. I did work out a logo which is really nice, and the color scheme looks really good. We also went in and decided on the font choices (PC had the nerve to ask if Comic Sans MD would work...yes, he really went there) Also, I got some really good material for the final identity doc. PC wants to keep the conservative identity while looking contemporary (so obviously, comic sans would be the best font choice) I get to play around with that...all in all, a very productive weekend...this project should be a blast!

Now, for the in-class stuff:

  1. Who's visiting the site?

  2. Existing and potential members of GHBC as well as people looking for information about the Church or GHBC related activities.

  3. What does she what to know?

  4. Information about the church. Specifically where it is, how to contact the church and any activities the church is a part of or sponsors. Also, after the site has been built, there will be a place devoted to streaming and downloading audio content of weekly sermons.

  5. What does he want to do?

  6. Most likely, if the user is a returning visitor, they will be looking for updates on current church events, the pastor's blog, and the weekly sermons. If they are a new visitor, they will be looking for information about the church, it's beliefs, service times, and possibly a sample of PC's preaching.

  7. With these in mind, what potential questions/tasks will you have for your users on Wednesday? List at least five possibilities.

  8. Were you able to successfully navigate the site to information you were interested in?
    What is your take on the left nav column in combination with the cross element? Was there any interferance? What did you think of the photo gallery?

Now with that out of the way, I have to do some major scrambling since I have to redesign a whole site by wed...



RJD said...

Yes, the fun of redesigning. Yet you have so much already done and you know what you need to do. That plan will definitely help you out in making these changes.

Screaming Buffalo said...
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