Monday, April 27, 2009

Journal 57-60: The last hoorah

1) What assignment was the most beneficial for you and why?

So over the course of this semester, we have done several very large projects. The one that helped me the most would probably have to be the Killer Web Design module. Not only was it a little refresher on CSS, it made me think about what makes good and bad design.

2) What assignment was the least beneficial for you and why? How could it be changed to be more helpful or be replaced by something that will be useful?

I have a decent amount of experience with web authoring before this class. With that said, the first two modules of this semester were of little benefit to me. I'm not saying those modules should be changed in any way, because honestly, that's how I learned how to code myself. I was just a little ahead of the curve.

3) What have you learned over the course of this semester? How will it help you outside of this class?

Over the course of this semester, the main thing I learned is that content should never take a back seat to design. Content is why someone goes to your site...not its aesthetics. There is a healthy balance between content and design...and when one strikes that balance, it's a beautiful thing.

4) What are three new-to-you, helpful pieces of advice, tips, or strategies you got from our last two readings?

See number 4...also, A List Apart is my homepage now.

5) How would you define the role and purpose of a web author?

A web author is the person that brings you information in an aesthetically and intellectually pleasing manner.

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RJD said...

Haha, glad to hear you now scope out A List Apart on a regular basis!