Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Journal 25&6: Hatred of stupid technology

I think I might want to kill the computer lab here at the Union (Student)...I tried 3 different computers (all Macs...I can't stand the Windows the U provides) to open Dreamweaver...and none of them frackin work!!!!!! AGHHHHH!!!!!!

Let me repeat that for emphasis:


*deep breathing exercises*

Not only could I not get Dreamweaver running, on all 3 of the puters I tried, the vertical scrolling ball on the mighty mouse didn't work...which starts out as a nuisance, turns into an irritation and finally blows the lid and makes the user furious...it's not that bad on a small screen because you can always just move quick to the side of the window...but on anything bigger than a 6x8hundred res screen, scrolling is a necessity and I will not be denied!!

So enough about MSU's half-arsed attempt to provide it's students with necessary technology...I have a very diabolical plan for my killer website...I'm probably going to put in more animated GIF's, a lot of illegible text, and...wait for it...an embedded, hidden and looped wav file that consists entirely of the intro of Baba O'Reiley by The Who...of course there's going to be some broken links, more "Chipmunked" videos and such.

For my secondary page, I'm gonna pull the good old angel in the clouds ploy...have everything in white with a white background...with a note at the top that tells the user to highlight everything in order to read things...and I'm gonna have more annoying sounds in the background...maybe some simple JavaScript things that pop up or something not sure yet

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