Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Journal 14 &15: Apple Apple Apple

So big news...I heard from Apple today...about a month ago, I applied to be a Campus Rep and they finally got back to me! They want to talk to me tomorrow (Wed, 2/4/09), well, today now...

Anyway...Meeting with PC went well. We got a lot done...he really liked my mock-up, and aside from any major changes, ^^ is how it's gonna look...as you can see, it has a very calm, earthy feel...lots of greens and browns...and the text is grey sans rather than black serif. The NavBar is going to have a lot more on it than this however...I just didn't have time to go in and change anything since Sat...it's also going to be in drop down format with a gradient the same color as the far right...The 2 columns of text are going to be iFrames that scroll independently of the background (the trees and the gradient), which is going to stay static.

There are going to be a couple logos surrounding the banner, which is most likely going to change a little bit as well...I'm not sure about the font...I like the sans Helvetica, but I kind of want something more organic...not Papyrus organic...but something not as clean...Helvetica thruout doesn't seem to go right with the earthy motif.

There's also going to be a JS photo gallery as well as several php forms for prayer requests, CD ordering forms and more. This is going to be a biiiiiiiiig project...but I feel like when it's done, I will be 20 times the web designer I am right now...

I have been neglecting my digital portfolio lately...I should probably look into that...HAH!...like that's going to happen between the State News, classes, the GHBC site and possibly Apple...I kind of want to go in and redo it to look like a newspaper...predominently black and white with an Old English Banner...and NO TABLES!!!** I will use CSS for all of it...but that's gonna be a pet project that may end up being done this summer (which I will be spending in East Lansing beeteedubs). Eventually, I want it to become a personal homepage with a downloadable resume, the folio, and an info site about me...but again, this is something down the road...right now, I'm stuck in the mire of classes and work and trying to fit friends into the whole picture...I can't forget friends...that's what happened at the beginning of High School and that was possibly the worst time of my life...

But I'm not going to end on a depressing note so here's a synopsis of good things that have happened to me in the very short past:

  • I got hired at the State News as a graphic artist

  • I finally got GHBC to the planning stage and out of the gray maybe areas

  • Apple is considering me to be a Campus Rep

  • I finally was able to escape the clutches of Caf Work

  • I've got 2 gigs of cool new music to explore (all of which is legal)

  • I finally realized what I want to do with myself after college and found a path for that

  • I'm going to Grand Rapids to meet with one of my really good friends to learn more web stuff on Saturday!

  • All good things...and I'm happy to list them!

    **More into my feud with tables later

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    RJD said...

    Sounds like you have been quite busy, but that this as all been extremely productive and positive. Good luck with Apple!