Monday, March 02, 2009

Journal 27: It's like coffee-energizing

I got my first test of JavaScript this weekend. I went online and found some code for JS alerts. I set several alerts to show up when the page loads up and seeing as my site had several videos, I made it so that when you mouse over one of them to pause it (they autostart too), it gives you an alert and you have to go thru a painful process of trying to pause the movies and acknowledge the alerts at the same time. I've also been looking thru stuff on W3C schools learning the minor stuff on JS like conditional writing and stuff like that...more when I can actually explain it


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RJD said...

Yes, the obnoxious JavaScript alerts were well done ... And obnoxious. Glad to see some of what you hoped to learn with incorporating JavaScript has been making sense and inspiring you to do more.