Monday, February 09, 2009

Journal 16: Tabs and other things of interest

So for a while, I've wanted to learn how to make hyperlinks automatically open in new tabs...and how to make text appear as a comment when you hover over's kind of frustrating not knowing how to do either...especially since I know as a user that it's nice knowing where a link is taking you before you click, and after you click, to not have the link take you away from the page you were viewing. You can do this already by right clicking the tab and saying open in new tab, but I want to make it more convenient for the more Layman user.

I went to Grand Rapids this weekend to meet with was loads of fun and I learned quite a bit about using basically builds the site for you...which I think will be really useful in learning code because I can generate pages and then look at the source code for it and learn how to make my own code.

I also made a couple of contacts with guys that do the kind of stuff I'm getting into for a living...those should be really good to have around for questions and things of that nature.

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RJD said...

I see you have even got your blog showing up with the comment window in a new one so that users can easily be reading your original post and typing their response to it! Danka!