Thursday, January 29, 2009

Journal 13: Seldom heard from Mr. Trump

So today, I was hired by the State News to be on their Graphic Design Team!!!

The hiring process is pretty complex, I must say: First, you submit a resume, then you get which time, if they like you enough, you are given a call-back at which point, they, in effect, test drive you by having you work on an ad (in my case it was a V-Day ad for a florist)...and if you find a way to not screw that up, they hire you...for a probationary semester...after which they decide if they really want to hire you.

I am at the probationary semester phase...for some reason, I feel like something like this should be on a TV show...


Well, anyway, I am the newest Graphic Designer at the State News...I may work my way up to web design as I get better at coding and the like...but for right now, web stuff is basically going to be confined to my WRA class and any downtime when I can be reading up on things I need to learn.

So in the words heard only once annually from the venerable MR. Trump, I had the privelege of hearing:

"Josh, you're hired"

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RJD said...

Those are some of the best words possibly. Again, congrats.