Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Journal 1

First thing...I really want to know how to make those little GIFs that appear by the URL navbar (see right)...my prof told me that the code for this is in the head...but a lot of sites have tons of stuff like CSS code and stuff like that in there...so looking for something I don't even know the name for is really kind of annoying when it's burried in CSS and other random crap.

Second thing...JC Penney has a terrible website. It is never clear about what is actually available to order and what is out of stock, the load times are uber slow, the pics of the clothes are extremely innaccurate; the consumer has to go through like 5 different links to actually order an item and there is no place to actually redeem gift cards once you are finished navigating the labrynth of pages you have to go through before being able to complete an order. I'm already predisposed against online shopping and this experience definately didn't help. A company website that involves potential revenue is definately not something you just hand off to your interns and temps to play around with.

Third...I am going to have a rough semester and this journal most likely will be an outlet for complaining and stress...I really am not this angry all the time. ;)


Radioactive Jam said...

Hi - the little icon is found in a special icon file called favicon.ico. Far as I know, there's no way to customize it for blogspot blogs. If you use a separate hosting thing for your weblog (I use siteground.com, $5 or $6 a month I think, there might be some free ones as well) and just publish through blogger, it might be possible.

I haven't checked on it in a couple Try searching with keywords like 'favicon.ico' and 'blogspot' and/or 'blogspot.com', see what you find. Good hunting!

Screaming Buffalo said...

thanks jam...the icon text actually isn't for blogspot...im trying my hand at web design...just finished my portfolio actually...and was just curious as to how to customize my icon for that purpose