Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Many people, I hope, have heard that Boston this year in the name of political correctness, has called the huge evergreen tree in their main plaza a Holiday tree as opposed to the customary Christmas tree. Boston is not and isolated incident. This CHRISTMAS season, commercials, workplace memos, school breaks, and even Christmas cards have been omitting the word Christmas for more politically correct, less offensive words alluding to but not actually saying Christmas. Some examples of this political substitution include: “This Holiday season…”, “Happy Holidays!” and my personal favorite: “during the time period that falls between December 24 and December 26 have a nice couple of days!”
Christmas trees are a fixture in almost any community that you see in America and in most places in Europe. And more to the point, these trees are used exclusively for celebrating Christmas. I really don’t see the point in calling them something other than what they really are. I mean you don’t see Jewish families flowing out of the woodworks to go and buy their Hanukah trees or people that observe Kwanza slogging through the snow to find the perfect tree to put wherever they put their Kwanza paraphernalia. No, that is a tradition for people that celebrate Christmas alone.
I think that this goes beyond just political correctness. For years, people have been taking more and more religious elements out of mainstream American life. It used to be that you learned parts of the bible, you prayed and you called Christmas break, well Christmas break when you went to school. Then, drinking became the new craze (I’m not bashing Bud Light, if you want a beer, then by all means, crack one open), there was fermented barley juice everywhere. Then the advent of the condom, now people don’t have to live with half the consequences they did when the first thing that came to mind after the word Trojan, the was horse, not man. All of these things mixed together times ten gives you what America is today. Then take into account the fact that over the last five years, atheists and others are trying to de-Godify society.
“Under God” and “In God We Trust” are now in question because they signify that our government believes in God. The Ten Commandments aren’t allowed to be displayed in courthouses because they were mentioned in the Bible. Teachers or any other school employees for that matter aren’t allowed to lead prayer anymore because it “forces religion on others”. Now, people are sooo afraid that the government is going to get sued again, they are appeasing the God Damned atheists (pun is intended).
Jay Leno mentioned something that made sense for once. He said that we still call Halloween the same thing, yet we have to substitute something for Christmas. So what we are subliminally saying is that Satan and Count Dracula are acceptable, yet, Jesus and Santa are bad.
I think that this is a national crisis. So until FEMA gets here:


Radioactive Jam said...

Looks like you got your template cooperating again, eh? Very good. And the post - well, too bad it's necessary, eh? Like I read somewhere, the current level of effort to "separate" church and state is truly absurd.

Radioactive Jam said...

Whoa, that's weird. When I made yesterday's comment I'd loaded the page at home, and it looked just fine. Today - at work - I see the space you're talking about. Sorry for the confusion, I'll get with you about the template though.

Screaming Buffalo said...

Cool Jam, thnx!

jedith said...

Buffalo, your post illuminates the opinions of most of our nation. you state that we are being "de God-ified". In this situation, I am afraid that it is up to the private businesses and individuals, not the Government, to counteract this trend. This is because the ACLU and other anti-Christian organizations target private individuals, not the government. Be that as it may, it was still an interesting post.

Screaming Buffalo said...

Thank you "Dith, I thought that you would like this.

I am taking a small servey:

Do you see a huge space between the title and my post?

the_revolution07 said...

What bothers me about the holidays, is that people who claim not to be Christians celebrate Christmas.

Screaming Buffalo said...

Yes, it's very hypocritical, but is anything else new?

Gloria Glo said...

Political Correctness has made life so complicated. Hope you had a lovely...special day...this December.

Screaming Buffalo said...

Thanks Glo, I did